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Confusion starts to buy software

Institution/ Coaching Centers are tired of formatting, organizing, distributing and evaluating tests manually. Need to solve all issues in one software.

Searching for good one

All the Institutions/ Coaching Centers are moving towards the online solution for improving their quality of education and searching a quality product.

Successfully find the OTI365 Software and Calculate the Price

All the institutions/ Coaching Centers problems are solved by a new innovative web application tool called OTI365, Attractive Plans and Offers are available for all types of Institutions.

Solve All Your Difficulties By A Single Software

A single OTI365 software, gives a solution for all issues in institutions/ Coaching Centers, that allows you to easily create exams, allotment, and assessments for your students with fractions of seconds.

Subscribe A Exam Pack Of Rs.250 And Earn Upto Rs.1000

Institutes can purchase a pack of Rs. 250, and the Institute/ Coaching Centers can collect up to Rs.1000 from the students. So you can earn money also.

To Get Double Profit

All the institutions/ Coaching Centers can earn the money and also improve the quality of the student performance. So get the double profit for institutions.

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