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Student Management

A community with high expectation and high academic achievement

It works on an entirely different model. You don't install hardware and software, you don't manage backups, nothing like that. We manage all of that on our end. Simply connect via the Internet to your computer. Log-in, and you're up and running

Performance Improvement

Developing caring learners who are actively growing and achieving

It is easy for administrators and teachers to work collaboratively to provide excellent academic experience for their students. Easy to track and analyze the students and take steps to improve the student in a better manner


Exams Planning

Setting up exam venue and seating plan in the exam hall is not a simple task for institutes but this automation is used to manage the planning of the institute’s conducted exams.


Analyzing Performance

The institutes can also have the facility to analyze the students result depends on their performance in the exam. Reports are automatically generated and easy convert.


Remote Access

The system works on a unified network where in the students can log in to access the portal to check the course details, exam information, syllabus and results.


Future of Higher Education

More and more schools and colleges have been adopting automated and mobile technologies to save paper and reduce human involvement.

  • Great solution for busy class schedules
  • Monitor the progress of each student in real-time .
  • Flexible assessment
  • Accessed by multiple devices

Exam Management

The examination is the secure system, which covers planning execution, maintenance and monitoring progress. All the test results are evaluated instantly and the results are more accurate one.

  • Results Can Be Managed Very Easily
  • Enhanced Interaction with Teachers
  • Manage Multiple Departments From A Single Computer
  • Effective Use of Time

Institution Student Management

This automated system makes it easy for institutes to adopt it and manage their student’s online exam. Before the exams even before some time many type of preparation for exams like exam schedule, questions, and sets of question paper must prepare by the institutes.

Teachers Support

Teaching a large number of students in different classes and let students take a test or quiz is a tough challenge. The following supports are useful to the teachers,

  • Computerized of marks and grades
  • Effective communication from everywhere
  • Compatible with Mac and PC
  • Supported by tablets and smart phones.

Students Explore

It gives platform for students to prepare them not for only competitive exams but also for trend wise preparation for any type of exams. So institutes can easily access and manage their students performance by this system

Effective Learning

With advancements in technologies, and faculty and students getting computer and mobile savvy, institutions want to transform teaching and learning in the classroom.

Assessment Tool

The comfort of remote access to learning resources and doing it in one’s own space are influencing educators to effectively use online assessment tools to evaluate students and increase student success.

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