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Lost Time is Never Found Again

OTI365 - Online Tests India is the only solution for save your precious time for your routine and highly scheduled works like Question Bank Creation, Question Paper setting, Exam creation , Conducting tests, paper correction and Result announcements , Solution discussions etc ..

Time Saving

Main Objective of OTI365 is Save the time for the institution's Teachers & staffs and Give more attention on student's Performance.


One Software for all

Single web application solve all your preparation worries about the practice exams and gives the accurate reports


All in one place

One software to manage all kind of student records. Personal, Course, Batch details and more


Countless Reports

Single click and get the unlimited reports based on students performance

Consolidate reports in One page

Practice more number of Online tests and get the consolidate results and solutions of all participated exams.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with your institutions and improve the growth of the institution with the help of the OTI365

Complete Institute Automation Online Software

Coaching Institutes / Training Centers can manage complete automation process like Student Registration , Fees Collection , Question bank Management , Practice test creation , Assign Exams to students , conducting reqular tests, results analysis , results comparisions , etc..

Ready to automate your students performance

Gather all of your students performance into a single platform.

  • Reports to Measure & Optimize the student's knowledge
  • Consolidate reports for each and every students
  • Reveal Insight With Detailed Reports
  • Intelligent behavioral based reports

Know exactly What you want

Find and explore the question selection mehtods for creating practice sets for students

  • Blueprint Based Exam creation
  • Chapter based exams
  • Subject based exams
  • Mock test based exams

Optimize your entire institution growth.

Gain a competitive advantage over the current education system. Use various types of question generation methods to create a practice tests for the student and analyse the students performance.

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Try the India's best Online Test Conducting Software for Institutions / Coaching Centers free for a full 2 days. Any Questions? Call us at +91 70924 92000,93000,94000. Convert your Institutions to E-Institution. Create & Conduct exams regularly, monitor online & Improve your students performance.

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