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We provide an opportunity to boost your students performance by taking exams at home itself. It helps you to compare your students marks, performance and time taken.

Comparative Analysis

It looks like a usual report, but it shows the compared values and charts side-by-side along with the percentage difference. The Result panel will show the comparison report.


Compare with Rankers

The real test scores of rankers matched their Rank 95%. Take the same test & compare your attempt strategy.


Unlimited Accesses

Topic wise questions. Comprehensive coverage of syllabus and previous papers.


Comprehensive Timed Practice

Understand your overtime, perfect & wasted attempts even when you practice against the ideal time with more questions.

Report to PDF

You can easily convert your test automation report to PDF. The participants can view and analyze the results instantly.

  • Send Report to E-Mail
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Less time Consuming

Report Analysis

With the answers the candidate have provided and the score garnered, the candidate will be brought to a analysis page showing what subjects or topics is he or she good at and which ones need improvement.

Advanced Reporting System

Advanced analyzing tools offering detailed clarity over the marks obtained in each subject, section, test, and more. This will provide an in-depth outlook of the scorecards and the performance of the associated candidate.

Trends Graph

Answers processed and marks awarded instantly. Results can be viewed Immediately upon submission. Generation of individual Answer sheets, General mark sheet summary as well as detailed.

  • Number of students passed individual
  • Number of students passed topic wise
  • Generate statistical data for examiner
  • Compare students improvement

Students Score

Multiple assessments will allow you measure incremental progress towards the final learning goal, so you can measure what exactly a student scored well on and where they have fallen short.

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