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Instant evaluation mainly aims at choosing from the creamy layer which is at our disposal, to pinpoint a perfect candidate of our choice. By implementing software automation, On one touch of a button, the chosen ones will be on display and its time saving also to choose a bright candidate.

Student Assessment

"Testing and evaluating a people with different skill sets and responsibilities"

After the test, the student will be able to know right away how well he or she performed. Both the examiner and the student will also be able to make a comparative analysis of the score, including percentile and section-wise performance.


Report to PDF

You can easily convert your test automation report to PDF. The participants can view and analyze the results instantly. Send a report as an email attachment at the moment a test finishes.


Self Assessment Tool

It allows students to know what they did wrong immediately, what them to focus on, and how to improve should they have to retake the test.


Student Performance

It is easy to produce the detailed report, statistical analysis and comparison chart. Easy to convert the report format. Easy to download the report.

Statistical Analysis

The students performance can be checked easily. On a statistical point of view, compared data can be stored over time. Examination results can be generated instantly with analytics, graphs, detailed topic wise report. No more printing or marking test papers.


Instant evaluation facilitates a detailed analysis of test results with minimal effort. This can be used to identify areas of the course, where the students have difficulty.

  • No need of paper correction
  • Accurate result
  • Detailed report
  • Easy to compare the result

Easy to Implement

Using self-assessment tool, The student can assess their performance individually and compare their performance with others made easy.

  • No software to install, the solution is completely online
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer; Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Reports are more accurate
  • Easy to Access

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