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100% Paper Less Examination Work

Don’t be mean, keep our planet clean and go green

Examination results can be generated instantly with analytics, graphs and detailed topic wise report. No more question paper printing , no answer sheets or marking test papers.

Report Making

Having a paperless environment will help you get hold of documents from different computers. You will be able to make and store report literally everything without having to waste too much paper.

  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Has access documents from everywhere
  • Very easy to store
  • Report to PDF

Assessment process 100% Online

A complete Assessment Process can be done by paperless manner. One of the most powerful benefits of having a paperless environment is that it can help not just the environment but also the operation at the same time.


Saves up time

It is no longer needed to waste any time looking at such documents. The thing with document searches is that they can be done fast and easy and will give you result really fast.



The thing with digital document management is that it will let you create such security settings and will also give all its authorized users the right and ability to check and see the same documents


Boosts efficiency in mail

When you have a paperless work for handling documents, you will have much better mail facilities. Easy to convert report into PDF.


There are many benefits to a paperless work, some of listed below,

  • Simplicity
  • Easy to compare
  • Easy to handle
  • Accessibility

Evaluation Accuracy

All the marks are in the computer so there is not the risk of the wrong mark being returned to a student as a result of transcribing the wrong mark from a paper, plus marks can be returned quickly, and a record is kept of the examination process.

Time to Student Interaction

With paperless manner you get consistent marking that should be accurate as it is being done by computer. In addition, this process reduces the workload on the teacher / staff member, therefore freeing up their time to develop their teaching and to interact with the students


The documents are stored in secure servers. This means that only authorized users are able to retrieve the documents, making it more secure than paper, which could fall in the wrong hands.

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